Highlight: Bounty in Preserves + Fermenting

Preserving and fermentation is easy when you know how…

Check out some of these titles from the experts to steer you in the right direction, or for new inspiration to your pantry.

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Fermentation is one of the foundations behind Noma’s extraordinary flavour profiles. Now René Redzepi, chef and co-owner of Noma, and David Zilber, the chef who runs the restaurant’s acclaimed fermentation lab, share never-before-revealed techniques to creating Noma’s extensive pantry of ferments. And they do so with a book conceived specifically to share their knowledge and techniques with home cooks.

Quite possibly the bible of fermentation from the kitchens of Scandinavian restaurant Noma. The Noma Guide to Fermentation is of beautiful production that mimics the business’s ethos, with full photograph guide of key steps of the recipes throughout. Along with Redzepi and Zilber’s suggestions for how to use your new restaurant-quality ferments.

Or perhaps something like the Blue Chair Jam Cookbook. While the author Rachel Saunders is America-based, so the seasons are a little flipped, it is still a beautiful collection of recipes the cluey preserver can easily apply to Australian seasons. Saunders will walk you through the entire process, including description of “done-ness” so you can achieve no-fail jams every time. This unassumingly beautiful book received a James Beard Award-nomination.

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For other inspiration in fermentation and preserving, try one of these titles…

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