Playing lady gaga, being nan pau – Steve Tolbert

When Mya Paw Wah commits a crime during a political protest in Yangon, she flees the city to avoid the fate of her father and brother – one a political prisoner, the other killed in the police action against the protest. Military Intelligence agents, human traffickers, landmines and snakes are among the dangers Mya faces in her journey to Karen State, near the Thai border, to find her exiled mother. Tasmanian Nick Stanish comes to Thailand looking for his missing brother – an aid worker at a medical clinic for Karen refugees – and to avoid dealing with a guilty secret. Seeking answers in the Snake Skin nightclub, Nick instead finds the local Lady Gaga – the club’s star entertainer – and is drawn into a world of sex slavery and drug smugglers – and possibly love.

THE LOST PAGEs – R D Francis

Danger, intrigue and mystery unfold in this modern day story based on true historical facts about the lost pages of the Book of Kells. The mystery unfolds when Jack Harrison, a retired intelligence agent, leaves London for the quiet of Tasmania where he hopes to restore his injured mind and body. He enjoys two years of tranquillity before his old boss persuades him to take on one last case. This takes Jack to Amsterdam, Rome, Tuscany and Venice, where he is captured. He  manages to escape and, dogged by pursuers, follows the trail of important leads across southern England. The story concludes with surprising discoveries for everyone, including the experts.

The Midsummer Garden – Kirsty Manning

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1487 Artemisia is young to be in charge of the kitchens at Chateau de Boschaud but, having been taught the herbalists' lore, her knowledge of how food can delight the senses is unsurpassed. All of her concentration and flair is needed as she oversees the final preparations for the sumptuous wedding feast of Lord Boschaud and his bride while concealing her own secret dream. For after the celebrations are over, she dares to believe that her future lies outside the chateau. But who will she trust? two stories come together in a rich and sensuous celebration of family and love, passion and sacrifice.

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island magazine #148


  • Cycling the City with SASKIA BUEDEL
  • On Being Stupid - TADHG MULLER'S literacy journal
  • Forever Underneath - get wet with MICHAEL BLAKE
  • 8 degrees of Artful Thinking LIZ WALSH discovers Fogo Island
  • Milan Milojevic: Printmaker talks with JUDITH ABELL
  • GREGORY DAY walks with Unaipon, Buckley, Bach & Cezanne
  • Plus a great range of Fiction and Poetry

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The BEtter Son – Katherine Johnson

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1952. Tasmania. The green, rolling hills of the dairy town Mole Creek have a dark underside — a labyrinthine underworld of tunnels that stretch for countless miles, caverns the size of cathedrals and underground rivers that flood after heavy rain. The caves are dangerous places, forbidden to children. But this is Tasmania — an island at the end of the earth. Here, rules are made to be broken.

A guide to flowers & plants of tasmania – Launceston Field Naturalists club

An invaluable companion and reference for bushwalkers, tourists and all those interested in the Tasmanian countryside.

Filled with helpful photographs for ease of identification. The text includes all information necessary to help identify plants: size, description, flowering time, appearance of the flowers and the type of habitat where you may expect to find them.