The O'connors of connorville – alison alexander

Roderic O'Connor was a man to be reckoned with. He arrived in Van Diemen's Land from Ireland in 1824, armed with little more than a steely determination to succeed. With young sons, he set about amassing property and founding a family dynasty that continues today, with the sixth generation still farming at Connorville. The O'Connors were pioneers of the fine wool industry which made Tasmania famous.
Anyone with an interest in early Tasmanian history will find much to discover in the story of this man's life.

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Houses & estates of old glamorgan – malcolm ward, maureen martin ferris, tully brookes

Houses and Estates of Old Glamorgan is an extensively researched, referenced and richly illustrated book documenting thirty early properties of the former Glamorgan municipality on the east coast of Tasmania. We describe the stories of the pioneers and the land, up to the First World War. In addition, there is a detailed architectural description of each house and many outbuildings, such as mills, barns and workers’ cottages. A technical glossary, supplemented by photographs from the area, is included.

tasmanian flowering plants – dave watts

This beautifully illustrated record takes a fresh look at over 300 species of Tasmania's exquisite flowering plants. The full colour portraits together with a thoroughly sound and descriptive text provide a visual feast for the avid plant hunter. Researched with meticulous care, many of these intimate images have been produced solely for this guide and are seen here for the first time.

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industrious, innovative, altruistic: the 20th century boat builders of battery point – nicole mays

The 20th century saw more than a dozen commercial boat building yards in operation along Battery Point's Napoleon Street corridor. Hundreds or workers were employed and thousands of vessels built, many of which remain in existence. In this book author, Nicole Mays, pays tribute to the 20th century boat builders of Battery Point, the yards they worked in, and the vessels they built.

tasmanian whisky – bernard lloyd

foreword by bill lark

Redrawing the boundaries of Tasmania into five whisky districts and then journeying across each one, over four years Tasmanian whisky historian and well-respected writer Bernard Lloyd visited every Tasmanian whisky distillery, including Australia's first, to discover their distinctive and innovative ways of Tasmanian whisky making. The book also features: Tasmania's Whisky Districts maps and guide, the inner workings of all Tasmania's whisky distilleries explained by each distiller, Tasmania's whisky ingredients, Whisky Tasting Notes from expert taster Yuri Chlebnikowski, archival records and never-seen-before images of colonial whisky distilleries and their departed spirits, emerging Tasmanian distilleries, an Australia-wide Where To Try and Buy Tasmanian Whisky guide; plus much more including heaps of amazing photos.

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the tasmania pantry cookbook  eloise emmett & friends

The Tasmania Pantry cookbook contains recipes for weeknight family meals as well as special celebration dishes - with everything in between. Recipes have been submitted to the book by Tasmanian chefs and producers so they can share how they best use their own favourite Tasmanian products in their own home kitchens.
Eloise is the former chef-proprietor of her renowned Mussel Boys restaurant on the Tasman Peninsula.