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the land before avocado – richard glover

Richard Glover takes a journey to an almost unrecognisable Australia. It's a vivid portrait of a quite peculiar land: a place that is scary and weird, dangerous and incomprehensible, and, now and then, surprisingly appealing.

It's a place of funny clothing and food that was appalling, but amusingly so. It is also the land of staggeringly awful attitudes - often enshrined in law - towards anybody who didn't fit in.

The Land Before Avocado will make you laugh and cry, feel angry and inspired. Most of all, it will make you realise how far we've come - and how much further we can go.

truth, love & clean cutlery australia – ed. by jill dupleix

A new way of choosing where to eat in Australia – a guide to the best and most ethically operated restaurants in the country. Exceptional restaurants and food experiences that are not only good, they’re good.

Contributing regional editors include: Lee Tran Lam (NSW, ACT), Natashca Mirosch (QLD, NT), Nigel Hopkins (SA), Larissa Dubecki (VIC, TAS), and Max Veenhuyzen (WA)

Also available in:

  • The World

  • United Kingdom

  • The USA

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The Future of Humanity – Michio kaku

World-renowned physicist and futurist Michio Kaku explores in rich, accessible detail how humanity might gradually develop a sustainable civilization in outer space. With his trademark storytelling verve, Kaku shows us how science fiction is becoming reality: mind-boggling developments in robotics, nanotechnology, and biotechnology could enable us to build habitable cities on Mars; nearby stars might be reached by microscopic spaceships sailing through space on laser beams; and technology might one day allow us to transcend our physical bodies entirely.