Highlight: Garden inspo!

While a lot of us are beginning to bunker down for the cooler months, here are some books to help get you back out in the garden for a winter wonderland that’ll give you something to enjoy through the seasons!

If you need to map out your garden ideas and inspirations, these garden journals are perfect…

Or books made more for sitting in your garden and reading

the wasp and the orchid – Danielle Clode

Have you met Mrs Edith Coleman? If not you must - I am sure you will like her - she's just A1 and a splendid naturalist. 

In a twenty-year quest, award-winning writer and zoologist Danielle Clode set out to uncover Edith's story, bringing her celebration of Australian nature and landscape back into the light where it belongs.

darwin’s most wonderful plants – Ken Thompson

Ken Thompson sees Darwin as a brilliant and revolutionary botanist, whose observations and theories were far ahead of his time - and are often only now being confirmed and extended by high-tech modern research. Like Darwin, he is fascinated and amazed by the powers of plants - particularly their Triffid-like aspects of movement, hunting and 'plant intelligence'.

Something on the more practical side?…check

root nurture grow – caro langton

Life with a potted plant is undeniably better. Here you will find a myriad of propagation methods, practical DIY projects to better nurture and display your plant family, including a homemade propagation chamber and simple self-watering planters.

rhs practical cactus & succulent book

The ultimate reference book for cactus and succulent enthusiasts. An extensive illustrated plant directory profiles more than 200 succulent and cactus varieties, with instructions on how to grow each one, while information dashboards offer fascinating facts and quirky stats about different plant families.

RHS propagating Plants

How long do your seedlings need to germinate? What makes a healthy stem cutting? How do you know what type of rootstock to use when grafting plants? Find all the answers within, alongside more than 1,800 detailed illustrations and photos to refer to, plus the experts' secrets to perfect plant propagation.

And some truly stunning books for inspiration (garden envy…and kitchen envy).

from the earth.jpg

from the earth – Peter Gilmore

gilmore back chickpea.jpg
gilmore red carrot.jpg
la formentera.jpg

la formentera the woodland refuge of juan montoya

australian landscape designers.jpg

australian landscape designers