Sunday Fiction Pick: The Second Cure

the second cure

Australian Author

Set in Australia

The Second Cure – Margaret Morgan

This debut novel keeps a very satisfactory standing across a few genres; notably Dystopian, Science Fiction and Thriller.

Morgan utilises and effectively communicates well researched science understanding to suck you in to this new version of Australia, without creating a daunting text to read.

Her characters have depth and flaws that make them uniquely relatable which is key for a novel that delves into the complexities of what makes us human.

A pandemic is racing through our world, changing people subtly but irrevocably. Scientist Charlotte Zinn is close to a cure when her partner becomes infected. Overnight her understanding of the disease is turned upside down. Should she change the path of evolution?
As Australia is torn apart, reporter Brigid Bayliss is determined to uncover the dark truth behind the religious response to the outbreak.

This hypnotic debut novel brilliantly captures the unease of our times.
— Jane Caro (social commentator, writer and lecturer)