Highlight: With love, from Japan 日本 !

We’re loving our brand new, very beautiful range of Japanese-made home wares and gifts which have arrived in store!

An image that certainly sticks in our minds, is a more traditional one of a Geisha, complete with a pair of tabi socks and geta 下駄 (traditional sandal). The brand TUTUMU is bringing a high quality (you must come feel them for yourself) toe socks, including the tabi style, back to a more modern fashion.

toe socks.JPG

A small, family-run knitwear factory in Aichi decided to apply their 60+ years of knitting experience to the creation of a new range of products. In machines which originally produced ribbed cuffs and collars in the post war era, Tsudoi Kodaka saw new potential for the creation of a dramatically smooth, beautifully fitting sock in the traditional Japanese Tabi or split toe style, with a fully integrated, seamless shape through every heel and toe.


We have some beautiful bowls for presentation, and textured for whipping up the perfect dashi base.

Or for some added fun, the traditional game of Kendama is in! Ozora Kendama are the recognised brand by the Japanese Kendame Association, perfect for beginners and pros alike. They safeguard the traditional woodworking skills used in their creation.

hibi 10 minute incense

Manufactured in Japan’s Jyogo prefecture, Hibi is an innovative creation of self-lighting incense sticks. Incorporating natural fibers, wax and charcoal, they have created a match-like incense which will burn safely resting on its own reusable custom pad without the need of a flame. Each pack comes with the pad, and perfect for adding a bit of fragrance to the room.

hibi incense

No collection is complete without admiring Japanese art, in all its forms…

ichikawa ennosuke.jpg

From traditional makeup…

ichikawa ennosuke internal 2.jpg
ichikawa ennosuke internal.jpg
ravens + red lipstick.jpg

to photography…

and cooking…

japanese food

And the centuries of culture that has been expressed through artwork and textiles.

japanese art