We're a Seedlip stockist!

Have you heard of Seedlip?

Seedlip’s founder discovered a revolutionary new way of distilling spirits, that are non-alcoholic.

The technique has been taken from history, being common practice for seventeenth century physicians to distil herbal remedies for the maladies of the age. With some experimentation on this concept, we have been brought this fantastic product that is taking the world by storm.

Currently available by the bottle in three different flavours (Spice, Garden & Grove), it is a wonderful substitute to full alcohol. And if you need a little inspiration for what you can do, we have the official Seedlip Cocktail Book in stock.


Great flavour pairings:

  • Spice is complimented well by fruit and spice, like: grapefruit, pineapple, vanilla, maple, cinnamon, and coffee. And pairs well with red meat, root vegetables, curries, desserts, and petits fours.

  • Garden works with fresh ingredients such as: apple, rhubarb, basil, cucumber, elderflower, and lime. And pairs well with the lighter meals; starters, white fish, salads, palate cleansers, and sorbets.

  • Grove works best with things slightly nutty: peanut, carrot, barley, ginger, honey, and apricot. Complimenting dishes like pate, spicy dishes, shellfish, game, chocolate-based desserts.

We invoke the first Seedlip tenet for non-alcoholic cocktails:

G.I.G. [Glass. Ice. Garnish]

smart glass, lots of ice & don’t forget the garnish.


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