Top Five New Releases: FICTION

Need a little inspiration for your next book? These are our top five current favourites:

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From Man Booker Shortlisted author of The Fishermen, Chigozie Obiama, we are brought a new twist on a retelling of Homer’s Odyssey. Obioma brings his fresh twist to the classic Greek tragedy by infusing it with Igbo folk lore while maintaining the underlying tenets of destiny versus determination.

Umuahia, Nigeria. Chinonso, a young poultry farmer, sees a woman attempting to jump to her death from a highway bridge. Horrified by her recklessness, Chinonso joins her on the roadside and hurls two of his most prized chickens into the water below to demonstrate the severity of the fall. The woman, Ndali, is moved by his sacrifice.

Bonded by this strange night on the bridge, Chinonso and Ndali fall in love. But Ndali is from a wealthy family, and when they officially object to the union because he is uneducated, Chinonso sells most of his possessions to attend a small college in Cyprus. Once in Cyprus, he discovers that all is not what it seems. Furious at a world which continues to relegate him to the sidelines, Chinonso gets further and further away from his dream, from Ndali and the place he called home.

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An industry insider John Purcell has taken his experience working within the book world and transformed it to the page. The Girl on the Page is an enjoyably thrilling read if you need something that will help immerse your senses in everything books.

A ferocious and fast-paced novel that cuts to the core of what it means to balance ambition and integrity, and the redemptive power of great literature.

You will definitely find a new book friend in this title.

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Set in Australia, the child-protagonist of Trent Dalton’s Boy Swallows Universe has a life immersed in crime. A mum in jail, heroin dealer for a step-father, and notorious crim for a babysitter. As well as a mute brother

And yet…Dalton has created a charming coming-of-age tale where a young man discovers the kind of person he wishes to be, learns who he is through love and overcoming his life, and family.

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Angela Meyer’s debut novel piqued our interest on several levels. Not quite a ghost story but maintaining elements of the genre, as well as providing a futuristic and period setting for the chilling tale of A Superior Spectre.

Ignoring usage warnings, on his deathbed and in denial, Jeff runs away to remote Scotland with a piece of tech that allows him to enter the mind of someone in the past.

1860, meet Leonora, uprooted from the Highlands to Ediburgh, she discovers a disturbing presence that lurks behind her eyes.

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One of Katie’s favourite authors for her last novel Truly Madly Guilty, Liane Moriarty returns with Nine Perfect Strangers. With her typical stunning sense of place and exquisite understanding of human behaviour, Moriarty creates intensely driven plot arcs around what drives people away and ultimately back together again.

This novel is no exception, when nine stressed city dwellers arrive at a health and wellness resort…with no idea what’s about to hit them.

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