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me write myself – leonie stevens

Exiles, lost souls, remnants of a dying race … The fate of the First Nations peoples of Van Diemen's Land is one of the most infamous chapters in Australian, and world, history. The men, women and children exiled to Flinders Island in the 1830s and 40s have often been written about, but never allowed to speak for themselves. This book changes that.

‘Me Write Myself’ is a compelling story that will profoundly affect understandings of Tasmanian and Australian history.

Eat drink love tasmania – philip kurivita

The food is important, and the wine has been well known around the world for decades now, but all of a sudden, its the single malt whiskey, the hand crafted gins and the experiences that are woven around these fabulous products that has been bringing more and more people to visit us. 
This is a field guide to an awesome trip around Tassie! If you get to experience, taste and enjoy half the things in this book you will have a trip to beat all others.


eat wild tasmanian – rees campbell

Eat Wild Tasmanian de-mystifies the botanical larder of the southern Australian bush. You will find out where plants grow, which parts to harvest and when, which ones will suit your garden - and most importantly, what to do with the produce once you have picked it. 

With more than 100 easy-to-follow recipes, this book si replete with colour photos of the food and the plants, along with growing notes and distribution maps.

First person – Richard flanagan

signed copies now available!

Written in the first person by a reality TV producer, Kif Kehlmann, First Person is Kif’s recollection of how as a younger, penniless writer, unable to finish his first novel, he agrees to ghost write the memoir of a notorious con man, Ziggy Heidl, who has defrauded the banks of $700 million. He has six weeks to write the book, for which he'll receive $10,000. But as the work gets under way, Kehlmann begins to fear that he is being corrupted by the con man. At the novel’s heart is a question: what is the truth?

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island magazine – issue 150

On Getting Lost; On Settling Down | Andrew Sant
Learning to See | Tegan Bennett Daylight
Hey Truganini | Favel Parrett
Poets and Painters - Celebrating The Big Punchbowl
Tiefenzeit | Tricky Walsh
The Married Man | Rodney Hall
Poems from Another Planet | Kit Scriven
Petrichor | Chris Womersley

Plus much more!

a crying in the wind elizabeth fleetwood

This epic and sweeping 200-year saga of an ancient island and its violent transformation from Eden-like paradise to the tourist-destination Tasmania of today, is told through the lives of four families. All of them are in an alien environment full of ghosts and strange presences.

This is raw history as well as the heart-warming story of ordinary people, loving, hating and battling along in a difficult setting, indelibly marked by their past, yet striving to rise above it and seek redemption.