Island story – Ralph crane & danielle Wood

In Island Story, Ralph Crane and Danielle Wood select almost sixty representative TMAG objects: from shell necklaces to a convict cowl, colonial scrimshaw to a thylacine pincushion, contemporary photography to a film star’s travelling case. Each is matched to texts old and new, by writers as diverse as Anthony Trollope, Marie Bjelke-Petersen, Helene Chung, Jim Everett, Heather Rose and Ben Walter.

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table int he valley.jpg

a table in the valley – elaine reeves & steve cumper

Along with the CWA, roadside honesty boxes and apple pies the valley is home to sushi, saffron fields and a farm restaurant of national repute. Included in each season in A Table in the Valley are delicious recipes using the local produce by award-winning Tasmanian chef Steve Cumper and photographer Paul County’s five generations of predecessors in the Huon Valley inform his photography of this stunning region.

You may know Elaine Reeves from her 25 years as a food journalist in The Mercury. Much like its peers Tasmania’s Table vol. 1 & 2, this will be a stunning celebration of some great food from one of Tasmania’s most stunning regions.

tomato  Penny woodward & janice sutton

Brand new local book featuring stunning images, recipes and how to grow tips of what Tasmanians set their plant guide for on Show Day: the Tomato! Penny Woodward (Community Gardens) and Janice Sutton (Garlic Feast) have teamed up to create something special.

in-store now! Just in time for planting…